Lost in Blogspace

It’s one of those dark and dismal days in Portland, Oregon, the sort that causes one to doubt that there is a sun, or that it could possibly have ever shown in this land. We still have a few bright leaves remaining on the trees, but they seem to be dwindling quickly. They held on for a long while but are now defeated. Increased doses of Vitamin D won’t help. They’re done until spring.

I’ve spent several hours today — likely wasted — trying to understand this medium. It makes no sense to me. Writing on a blog is something like singing in an alley on a side street close to a freeway. It’s likely no one could hear you. This would not be the medium to use if requiring help. Our voices are all lost in the din.

That’s my thought for the day, for a dark day. Sunset is approaching somewhere. The streetlights have already clicked on, a signal that the day is over.


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