Casting Calls and Writers Conferences

Over dinner with a few writers the conversation evolved to a discussion of agents. Two present had met agents through local writers conferences. Both were invited to submit writing samples. Neither heard from the agents. It’s not the first time I’ve heard the story. Here’s what I’ve gleaned about the matchmaking business that occurs at … Continue reading Casting Calls and Writers Conferences


Perilous Ground

It usually starts like this. “I’d really like to read your work.” This comes from a casual acquaintance, someone who wants to read what I write. Me in particular. I don’t know why. They know me from the office or the gym. They aren’t people with whom I feel a deep spiritual kinship. They’re casual … Continue reading Perilous Ground

Is the First-Person Voice Overused?

Anyone else out there a little bit weary with literary fiction written in the first person? I’ve wondered if I were the only one tired of the “me” voice. My search on the terms “first person overdone” yielded a thoughtful piece by Alexander Steele, President of the Gotham Writers Workshop. Here’s what he said in … Continue reading Is the First-Person Voice Overused?

Publishing in Oregon Territory

This past weekend I was at the Oregon Coast for a small workshop sponsored by Oregon Writers Colony. I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Stanfill, the publisher of Forest Avenue Press, a Portland-based small press focusing on literary and “quiet” fiction. This was my introduction to the challenges and opportunities facing small presses. The … Continue reading Publishing in Oregon Territory