About Slayton

Slayton Gibbs is my alter ego and pseudonym, a name I created to grant me the freedom to speak in a less-guarded voice. I live in the Pacific Northwest and want to continue to live among my neighbors on good terms.

I recently completed a novel, and I’m seeking a literary agent. My scholarly and professional writing, published under another name, has appeared in Literature/Film Quarterly, Rocky Mountain Review, Western American Literature, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Travelers Tales, and ISLE.

I published a book of literary scholarship fifteen years ago, which is seldom read. Ironically, I’m increasingly quoted among scholars of literary ecocriticism because 20 years ago I denounced the term at a conference, and the denunciation provides a convenient sound bite for emerging, though perpetually obscure, scholars of literature. I currently count myself among the servant class of academics, also known as adjunct faculty.


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