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Update – I’m not alone in seeing the haunting parallels between human behaviors in the midst of the global warming crisis and Nevil Shute’s On the Beach. Here’s another perspective from Lit Hub. Will reading dystopian fiction inspire different behaviors?


Last August, I spent a Saturday evening watching the drag races at Portland International Raceway. Locals call it PIR. It’s difficult to explain the appeal of drag races. They can be boring and exhilarating. The boredom involves the long waits between races as the track is prepped, and two drivers queue up, waiting for the clock to tick down to zero. The exhilaration occurs when the lights flash from red to green and the drivers peel out in a horrendous cloud of engine noise and toxic waste, burning tires and spewing smoke, as they tear along a straightaway for less than 10 seconds.

In the face of fossil-fuel fed change, it seems like the final hurrah, the last gasp of another time, (more…)


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I’m a social-media coward, disinclined to comment on controversial subjects. That said, I’m commenting on a well-known but seldom discussed underside of Oregon civility, a banal intolerance that could be amusing if it weren’t real. (more…)

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A couple months ago I attended the Portland Roadster Show. Yeah. I’m only just now posting this. The show was held at the Expo Center, which on that day was conveniently hosting a Gun and Knife Show. We limited our visit to the cars. (more…)

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